Two. Four. Seven. Unceasing encounter, unending worship. For those not satisfied with weekend services or comfortable schedules; for those who want to make earth look like heaven; for those who want to be spent for their Lover. Two. Four. Seven. It’s a sound

This worship movement, it’s taking the planet over. Houses of prayer, world wide organizations, worship burns, prayer rooms—they are catching like a fire across dry fields. An overwhelming desire to bring something of value to the King compels children of all ages to flock to places of unceasing prayer and worship. But why 24/7? Why not just weekend services? Or even evening “revivals”? And what is 24/7? Is it just a hashtag? Is it just singing songs around the clock or prayer over a microphone? Is it just what happens in the four walls of a house of prayer?

No, 24/7 is an expression of worship that is a sound, not just an activity. It goes way way WAY beyond prayer chains and spontaneous music. It goes beyond sign up sheets full of beautiful names who count it a privilege to spend their time pouring out their hearts to God. It goes way further than nightly prayer groups, the seven mountains, talented musicians, live-streams, or end time theology. Those are all activities that often accompany a 24/7 expression of prayer and worship. But the sound, oh you must hear the sound…

The sound is rushing water. Voices voices—so many voices. Crying out with raging fires burning in their hearts, eyes stinging with love-drawn tears, hands lifted in freedom and faith! The sound of desperate love. A bride calling to her groom, come, come to me! The sound of his response, thundering like a purr of a contented lion, I am here my beloved. Two four seven. Two four seven…its a sound of deep calling to deep. Whole communities caught up in this Divine love affair. Families spending the holidays singing and praying. Young people meeting on Friday nights to pursue their Lover together. The sounds of hope streaming out of every meeting…

Oh yes. Didn’t I tell you? 24/7 isn’t a service, a program, an organization, a house of prayer, a list of hours spent within the four walls—no no no. 24/7 is who we are. It’s a lifestyle.

It touches our neighbors through our renewed love for those nearest us. It goes to Walmart when we need groceries and touches the tired cashier. It runs through the streets begging people to open the hands and receive a miracle. It moves people to run for office and change the destiny of their country, it shakes the dust off peoples bibles, it’s a brokenness for the lost that keeps students from going to university but sends them to the darkest places in the world, it’s a fire, it’s a sound. And it’s growing by the second.

You can’t define 24/7 the way you would define other movements. Try to define the wonder of seeing beauty, or hearing a melody, or tasting exquisite food. It just is. Ask someone who stays up all night to pray why they do it. They’ll probably tell it’s because their King is worthy. Why stay all night to prove it? They will most likely respond: how could I not?

24/7 is simply a response to his worthiness.

As long as he is worthy, there’ll always be those who worship around the clock. They will carry this song all over the world and past every giant of mockery and envy that tries to tell them they are foolish. They will sing and pray and dance and shout and cry and laugh till their King comes and then they’ll do it even more. 

It’s contagious. Two four seven. It’s a sound. It’s a lifestyle. It’s spreading. Two four seven. Two for the Bride and the Groom. Four for the heavenly family. Seven for the spirts of God, the gifts, the fruits—all things supernatural. It’s the kingdom. It’s the future. It’s revival. It’s fulfillment. Two four seven. Come join us.

-timothy ornelas