Welcome! Come in, come in. The fire is on and the table is set. Sit down, sit down. This room was made for conversation. Take your shoes off; stay awhile.

My name is Tim Ornelas. I’m just a child. A son. I enjoy writing and traveling. But oh so much more than that, I love talking about God. 

You see, he is everything to me. If you have read a few of my articles, I hope you know that. He is amazing and I love him. Do you?

Everything you find on this blog centers around my sincere belief that God is real and he is a part of every single person’s life. That includes you! Whether or not you believe it to be true.

Read, think, pray, and act. Don’t disqualify yourself or me before you have tested the words by living them. I hope you grow into the identity you were created with, I know your sonship will reveal the Father’s heart, and I dream of a world where every single person has encountered it. 

So, stay as long as you like. And when you leave, take your thoughts and make them a lifestyle of power and freedom. 

This is timornelaswords.com.