My eyes snap open and I see
A world of pain without hope of change
The brutality of the black sea
Chokes the songs of beauty
I see the tears of victims running
Running running running down
Faces twisted in anguish bodies burning
Hate fear and greed are turning
Innocent children into monsters
Oh the truth makes my blood stir
I’ve heard first hand the stories
Of the man with his face blurred
My eyes are open.
I hear them too
I hear the wails of the youth
Hurting themselves wanting to die
I hear the stories of abuse
My little sisters! I can’t hide my rage
For what he took can’t be given back
My little brothers! Be of strength
Your father left you on life’s stage
I ache for you!
Yes I ache deep down inside.
A twisting mountain begins to rise
As I think of you I want to scream
For lies hold you down tonight
If only you could see reality
You are not some monstrosity
If only you could hear the truth
Oh I know it would change everything!
But who will sit with you and earn
The trust and time it takes to learn
Who will give their life to opening doors
Who will open their eyes and burn
Who will ache?
Father does.
I lived in fear once
Who hasn’t?
He invited me home
And I’ve never been the same
But as I grow I begin to know
Though he is complete without need
He is bleeding for his lost sheep!
He is weeping for his sons and daughters!
Shifting winds keep me from sleep
I will listen to this sound
Even when it shakes the ground
He groans and all creation echos
For the wandering must be found
I will listen and I will ache
I will let the splinters grate
For those who stand outside
Must come home and escape
The stories of burden bearing
Backs are bruised and breaking
There are good men who can’t find jobs
Their wives watch despairing
Crooked ugly scars run down arms
Shadows keep promising to harm
Darkness is darkest when it’s unseen
My mouth hangs open in alarm
How long have I slept in?
How much time have I been wasting
Smiling with my eyes closed
Pretending everyone is thriving?
How often I have walk past
Some one whose life wouldn’t last
Unless a smile or greeting
Made them forget and laugh?
I’ve scrolled through Facebook
Past prayer requests without a second look
I’ve naively believed my family was immune
When sickness came my breath it took
So busy trying to find me
I realized I’ve been blindly
Whistling in a graveyard
Now I can see it dimly
The tombstones don’t scare me now
Because I’m safe in my skin somehow
But now I read the words that were blurred
And I wonder if a flower would bring a bow
Could small acts of love
Really be enough
To crow the sun in
And blow the rain away?
If so let the ache remain
It’s better to hurt and make a change
Then numbly stay the same
Who knows if a soft heart is
The reason our Master artist
Bled his own love on Calvary
If so, I will take my heart to him
There I’ll find strength to carry
Maybe this is the cross we must take up
Not self harm but unconditional love
Tonight deep inside I find an ache