I wrote this during my time in Uganda. I titled this note “Today was another day I’ll never forget.” It truly was one of the most wildly awesome days I’ve ever lived.

” Today I saw the Kingdom come to Adwari, Uganda. I got to preach this morning in a little church in Pastor Joseph’s house. I didn’t know what I would share until I did. That’s pretty normal at this point. In the little church called Adulum I shared a message about Jesus purchasing a people to be a kingdom and to be priests to God. From my heart, I shared that each of them have been invited to be a part of this kingdom of priests.

“It was powerful. One lady shared afterwards that when I was speaking she began shaking. She knew that God was calling her to be a priest.Then I said that since we are in the Kingdom we are going to pray for the sick. We prayed for several people who were in pain. All of them received healing! Most were completely healed while one elderly lady was so improved she gave praise to Jesus. Later this afternoon she even got baptized! One man who Baba [Baba means father in the local dialect; I call my friend and Pastor, Omara Joseph, my father] told me couldn’t speak intelligibly was able to speak after I prayed. It was crazy. Jesus really moved. I was able to video several testimonies as well.

“After the service in Adulum, I drove a boda [local motorcycle] over to the church called Con Adwari. Several churches had gathered together for a special service. We praised the Lord and Baba preached a message about seeking God with all our hearts. He said that if we did that we would all receive something. Then he asked me to preach the Word.I had been asking God what to preach and I was thinking of several different passages but God said he would give it to me when I was about to speak.

” I ended up sharing from Exodus 32 about Moses and the Presence of God. I said, “this is the thing that God wants you to receive, more than anything!” I then asked that anyone who wanted a fresh impartation come up to front and I prayed for them. I asked that God would pour out his spirit afresh. I’ve never done that but it was amazing! After that I said that when Jesus came to demonstrate the Kingdom of God, he didn’t just talk about it. Wherever he went, he healed the sick. So I asked for anyone who was feeling pain or was sick to come up to the front. I didn’t count but I think close to twenty people came forward. I took time praying for them and asked each one to test out what was giving them pain. For some of them I prayed several times. All of them said they were healed after prayer! I asked for two of them to share their testimonies but a lot more than two came up. There was so much joy. It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt. They were genuinely touched by God and didn’t want to stop telling everyone about it. 

“We gave tithes then and Baba shared about baptism. Then we hopped in our vehicles and drove to the nearby lake. After praying and singing, I baptized over twenty people alongside Pastor Jimmy. One of the ladies we baptized had been prayed for during the service so I asked her how she felt. She smiled and said, “I feel so good.” 

“We just finished eating dinner at the church. My heart is soaring. This is what I was made for. To preach the gospel, heal the sick, and baptize disciples. What an amazing privilege to follow Jesus! He is the reason for every single miracle. I love him so much.”

-January 18th, 2020

Before we made it home, we were asked to visit a neighbor lady who needed prayer. When we made it to her compound, she approached while limping and told a story of intense spiritual oppression. We prayed for her and she was fully healed! This is just the beginning. I didn’t pay the price for this harvest. Jesus says in the Gospel of John that he is sending us out to reap where we have not sown. If we enter his grace through the Son, we enter into a Family that has been working since creation. It’s been a phenomenal, otherworldly experience to be apart of this in Uganda. Stay in touch and you’ll hear more revelations and testimonies from this time.

Written by Tim Ornelas.

I’m a life-long son to my heavenly Father and my earthly family. I love to share my process with you so that you will feel empowered and encouraged to do the same. I enjoy reading, writing, preaching, and praying for the sick both in the church and on the streets. My greatest desire is for Jesus to become known by every soul. You  can use the following platforms to stay connected.

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