Love The Family

~Building the Kingdom Through Relationships~


Adwari, Uganda
June 2017-the present

Why family? To be honest, sometimes I have to ask myself this question. 

Family can be messy. There’s really no timelines or nice-cut roles. The mission never turns off, and the needs never can be ignored. Family revolves around identity, and identity revolves around family–the two are inseparable and eternal.

Everything the God has led me to in Uganda has come through the simple concept of family. And it has been more than I ever dreamed was possible. 


I pray for them all to be joined together as one even as you and I, Father, are joined together as one. I pray for them to become one with us so that the world will recognize that you sent me. For the very glory you have given to me I have given them so that they will be joined together as one and experience the same unity that we enjoy.

-John 17:21,22 TPT

Do you know why I believe that God is three-in-one?

1 John 4 says that God is love. How could some one truly be love unless they are more than one? Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–they have existed forever in perfect unity and desire for each other’s well-being. They are full of beauty and purpose and power and they made us in their image.

To be made in the image of God is to be invited into a circle of love that goes beyond our individuality. To trust in Jesus for salvation is more than your personal redemption. This is why I want to introduce you to my family in Uganda. And this could be the start to fulfilling the prayer of Jesus himself.

My Journey With Pastor Joseph

More than sharing what I am doing in Northern Uganda, I hope to share who I’m working with. Pastor Joseph has taught me that cross-culture missions can work through the lens of family.

My dream is to see the entire church finding the lost art of family. Though I hope you will join in some way what God is doing in Uganda, I also recognize that the opportunity to build bridges through relationships is everywhere you look.

Check out the video to hear how my heart became entwined with the story of redemption through family in a little village called Adwari, Uganda.

You can also read a blog article I wrote called “Family: Here, There, and Everywhere” below. 


Ways You Can

Love the Family

1. Sponsor a Teacher at School of Mercy

Because many families cannot afford to pay school fees for their children, the community has established a school for low-income families. School fees are used to help buy materials and pay teachers. If you would like to help establish this school, prayerfully consider sponsoring a teacher! SponsoraTeacher

2. Join Me in Supporting Pastor Jackson

Pastor Jackson was once a cattle-raiding general in the Karamojong ranks. Now, he is a healing evangelist and pastor. When I visited him in January 2020, I learned that he was transporting charcoal for only several dollars a day! Would you pray about supporting this man of God? 

As Pastor Joseph says, “Jackson is the happiest man in Kotido!” We hope that he will be able to spend more of his time discipling his little flock and sharing the gospel with the locals. If you donate through Paypal, please note your desired intent for the funds. SupportforJackson

3. Building the Kingdom House

A year and a half ago, God made it clear that one of the main reasons He brought me to Uganda was to help build the Kingdom House. Please watch the video about my journey with Pastor Joseph if you are interested in partnering with us! 

I have had the privilege to help physically start the building process and I would love to continue sending funds. As a small community, they have been putting aside whatever they can for the last few years in faith that God will build this house of prayer. If your heart is burning to see the Lord establish a place of prayer, worship, and discipleship, help us build a house for our family!

Check out the information below to learn more.


The “house” is a building being constructed near Adwari, Uganda. It’s located on a designated plot of land called the “prayer land”.

Construction of the foundation was first started in 2015 when most of it was laid. During my trip in January 2020, we began to finish the foundation.

The building itself is a circular structure. The center will a large room with a high ceiling and will function as an auditorium and prayer room. It will be surrounded by bi-level rooms that will serve a variety of purposes.

When the building was first designed, it was estimated to cost over $80,000. Close to $10,000 dollars have already be spent on the foundation. 



In 1985, Pastor Joseph had a vision from God. In his vision he saw a place where people from many different nation would come to pray. This was before prayer houses/rooms became popular or to my knowledge where even talked about. 

The dream is to build a place where the Presence of God will rest. Northern Uganda has a history of violence and bloodshed. Without the Holy Spirit’s miraculous presence, full healing and restoration will never happen.

Though there are many churches and denominations, we hope to build a place where people can lay aside religious traditions and encounter the power of God.



As God provides the resources, the building process will continue. Pastor Joseph and his family have diligently sought the Lord on when to build, what to build, and who to receive money from.

There is only one way the Kingdom House will be built next to the little village of Adwari: God has to do it. Even though we each can contribute what we have, only God can bring such a large and powerful vision out of such small beginnings. 

Would consider being a friend of my family? If God puts them on your heart, please reach out to me. You can email me at or use the CONNECT tab above. 


Every dollar makes a difference! Right now, you can join me in sowing into this amazing dream. You can give through me by using Paypal, writing a check, or donating online through my staffing link! Please note the intention for your funds. 

Give By Check

You can give by writing a check to Ephrata Community Church and noting that the funds are intended for “Building the Kingdom House in Uganda”. Please make larger donation this way. The church’s address is 70 Clay School Rd, Ephrata Pa, 17522.

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