Hello! I'm Tim Ornelas

Missionary, Writer, YouTuber, and Speaker

Why I Share

Jesus used courageous people to change my life. Bold, strong, vulnerable people. They took a risk and picked up a pen.

Countless “books” line the shelves of my mind. Some of them look like social media posts, Spoken Word videos, creative t-shirts, and some like paperbacks. I’ve realized that behind each of them is a brave man or woman. They shared because they understood that their testimony could be my redemption; that their revelation could be my breakthrough.

I share because I want you to be free. And only those that Jesus sets free are truly free. To be whole. To be powerful. To be who God created you to be. What I write is simply what I see. You don’t have to agree with me; I only hope that you keep your eyes open.

I know who I am now. I didn’t always. Jesus has taken me around the world to teach me. He’s led me to incredibly beautiful people and through wild miracle mazes. What you read and watch here are only a few moving snapshots. You’ll have to pack your own bags in order to watch the whole story.

Orphan No Longer | My Story 

 How It All Started

I started writing for fun in high school. One course on creative writing was all it took. I started to journal and write short stories that I never planned to share. Writing helped me make some sense of myself and the confusing world around me. At least I could start to see my thoughts when they were on paper.

But God didn’t let me write my own story. In 2017, I embarked on a life changing trip to the other side of the world. You can read all about how I traded fear for love and shame for confidence in the blog article right here.

Since then, I have traveled to several different countries in order to serve and learn from the different flavors of family all across the globe. My journey has taken me to the quiet pastures of New Zealand, up the plateaus of Asia, through the red clay of Africa, and beyond. 

My heart soars when I think about the many faces I have met and words I have learned. If you would like to know how God can take a simple, insecure, homeschooler around the world to serve the church and share the gospel, read on. The road is marked by Divine Love.


What I'm Currently Doing


Over the last few years, I’ve been following Jesus wherever He leads. That has included mission trips, roadtrips, studying abroad, a year of staffing at YWAM, and now I’m stationed where I grew up: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

I am currently staffing at Gateway House of Prayer. My time is split between the office and the prayer room. I worship and pray during the night watch and manage media in the day time. I’m also leading a prayer group called The Altar, pioneering a regular downtown outreach and more here. I love what I do.

Outside of that, I spend time as a business intercessor, blogger, YouTuber, youth leader, and travel. Nothing is ever normal and my schedule changes like the seasons here. If you would like learn more about how I’m living on mission, please subscribe to my regular update list. I would love to stay connected!

If you would like to make a donation to help support what I’m doing at Gateway House of Prayer as a volunteer, you can directly below.