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Welcome to my favorite place to connect. You can find my most recent articles, videos, and projects all on this platform. My desire is that you would feel encouraged and inspired to continue seeking God and discovering your true self within him. May your journey take you beyond yourself.
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Every post I write flows from my personal connection to Jesus. My deepest desire is that the revelations I discover, whether I’m sitting in an airplane seat or a prayer room, would stir up your own flame. God is moving in our generation and my blood is boiling. Read on and ask yourself, “what could I be writing in three years?” I encourage you to live your answer today!

Pike’s Peak and the Fear of the Lord

Pike’s Peak and the Fear of the Lord

Our air conditioner stopped working about half way up. At that point, our drive had been full of hearty laughter, proper hydration, and beautiful pine trees. We were on our way to the top of Pike's Peak, one of the tallest mountains in continental America. My good...

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the satisfied soul

the satisfied soul

The satisfied soul is secure when all is shaking. It is full when it gives, it is grateful when it serves, it is a peace when worry’s cold fingers begin to close in around your heart. Because the satisfied soul knows this: the One in whom all strength, power, and love flows will never change and will never leave.

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I’m realizing that if God brought me to the mountains just to teach me how to say wow, than maybe he has brought me into my friends lives for that, too. Yes, I know “iron sharpens iron.” I think most of us have gotten pretty good at that. Especially in church. But that cannot be the only reason he designed the beauty of friendships, families, and communities. Maybe it isn’t even the primary reason.

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Your recent article on “The D-Word” inspired me to continue to keep my gaze transfixed on Jesus’ face through Covid-19. Thank you for sharing what God is doing in your life! It is truly inspiring, real, and relatable!
Bradley H.


I love connecting in different ways! Writing has been my go-to method of communication but videography has always been in my heart. Recently, I’ve been working on more videos and I’m excited to share them with you! You can find videos of miraculous testimonies, sights from international travels, Vlogs about various topics, and Spoken Words on my YouTube Channel. Watch my latest video below! Subscribe and share with anyone who would be blessed!

Tim’s videos are refreshing to my spirit because I’m always reminded of what really matters: relationship with Jesus, and loving people well. I’m also encouraged to step into my own God-given identity and creativity.

Natalie N.


Since 2018, I’ve had the privilege to build family connections in Northern Uganda. Some might say they are “ministry connections” or “missions opportunities” but I say family because no other word describes the way I feel about them. They have truly adopted me and I am proud to be their son! You can read about my journey in Pastor Joseph and Mama Helen’s story here.

There are various ways that you can get involved if you would like to. The best option would be to contact me through email and share your heart. I’m a sucker for coffee chats, so if you live in the area, don’t be surprised if I ask for an hour of your time!

Below are just two ways you can have a meaningful impact on the family. You can see their faces in several of the video above.

Join me in supporting Pastor Jackson

Join me in supporting Pastor Jackson


Pastor Jackson lives in Kotido is a dear friend of Pastor Joseph. Only several years ago this man was cattle raiding general. Now he is an incredible pastor, caring father, and wonderful host.

The church he started is small but incredibly lively. Instead being able to devote his time to evangelizing the very unreached people around him, he was having to earn several dollars a day by hauling charcoal.

I’ve decide to partner with him and his church financially. Would you consider joining me? I will pass any contribution to Pastor Joseph and he will send it to Jackson. You can use the button below to donate.

Build the kingdom house

Build the kingdom house

In June of 2018,  I learned that the Kingdom Family in Adwari, Uganda, had started building a house of prayer. I was curious and excited to see what would happen. Only a year later, I found myself praying Amos 9 over the partially laid foundation and I felt the Lord speak to me and say, “This is why I’ve brought you here. Focus on it.”

In January of 2020, I took a small amount of funds and join hands with my family. As we laid bricks and planted pillars with many workers and volunteers, I sensed the Lord’s delight. Truly he is building some beautiful on the ashes of the past. I’m thrilled to play a small part in it.

If you would like to join me in sowing into the build of a prayer house, please contact me. I will be taking a small team this summer to continue this project and do whatever we can to bless our family.


I’ve been a staff at Gateway House of Prayer since the spring of 2019. I started as a Night Watch Staff, praying and worshiping over our region for twenty plus hours in the early morning hours. God began to burn my heart for his church and lost sheep here. While I love going on mission internationally, right now I’ve been called to primarily serve locally.

I would love to come alongside you and find out how we can see the power of God manifested in our backyards and city streets. Contact me if you would like more information on our weekly Altar Gathering or our monthly outreach initiative.

The Altar Gathering

Meet Me Downtown

Thank for checking out my blog! May your journey lead you beyond words.