The satisfied soul is secure. Safe. Unafraid. The satisfied soul is free from selfishness, bitterness, and worry. It does not seek it’s own because it does not need it’s own. The lusts of the flesh–money, fame, sex, etc.–have no hold on it. There can be nothing of more value inside of our human existence. What’s more, not only is it enviable but it is also available to any who will look in the right place.

Have you ever tried to imagine explaining light to a blind person? Taste to someone who cannot? Or sound to those who are deaf? Or, have you tried to imagine a color you have never seen, a melody made up of sounds you’ve never heard? Of course, humanly speaking it would be impossible. Our imaginations are born through our experiences. Our thoughts are given definition by our senses. That is why it is so easy to never believe in something you have not experienced. That is why it is nearly impossible for me to prove a super-natural reality like the existence of God or the power of prayer. The most I can do is share my experience, my translation of that experience, and my conclusion on how we can all partake in it. And if you listen, you too might catch a glimpse of this phenomenon.

I say all this because there was once a time, only several years ago, in which I did not believe I could ever experience the satisfied soul.

I remember mediating on the Biblical concept of contentment. The idea of fully accepting your life or circumstance without needing either to change for your benefit. It was like trying to imagine a color my eyes had never seen. Logically, I knew it could exist. But because I had never experienced it, at least not permanently, I knew I couldn’t know for certain  that it did. I think there are many people who have a similar struggle in their faith. 

When it comes to beliefs in the power of God manifesting inside of us or resting upon us, when it comes to supernatural peace that can literally calm stormy seas, when it comes to miracles of healing and restoration–we sing it, pray it, and and most of us believe that it happened thousands of years ago and could happen today. What I want to tell you today is simple: listen.

Faith, and I do believe faith for anything in the Kingdom, comes by hearing. You know the rest of the verse, and hearing comes by the Word of God. I think it is fascinating that faith does not come by seeing, or experiencing, like I mentioned above, but by hearing. Seeing, in fact, comes by faith. It is crucial to our spiritual growth that we understand the order of things in the Spirit; it is so vastly different from the order of things in the natural.

With that in mind, let me share with you some of the most wonderful words I’ve ever read. They are found in the Book of Psalms. 

God said to me once and for all,
“All the strength and power you need flows from me!”
And again I heard it clearly said, “All the love you need is found in me!” -Psalm 63; 11,12 TPT

The man who wrote this was one of the most famous humans in all of history, especially Judeo-Christian history. He was King David. A warrior, a fierce lover, a poet, and a gifted musician. As a young Shepherd boy, he learned something about God that few ever realized before the coming of Christ. David learned how to interact with the Presence of God. He learned that God wanted relationship and regardless of his many faults; David heard the voice of God all throughout his life.

The Voice and Presence of God instructed him in the ways of war, helping him to kill a mighty giant, protecting him when he fled for his life, and shaping him into the greatest king Israel ever had. But more than all of those things, the greatest discovery that David ever made was that, “All the strength and power you need flows from Me!” 

Be honest with yourself, does that seem like a let down? It’s so easy to say, of course. All I need is You God. And never pause for a moment to fully understand the implications of this simple truth. Why do we flip over these pages? Is it because we are over-familiar with it? Is it because there have been just one-too-many wall inscriptions or Instagram captions? Or perhaps, is it because some of us have never experienced the reality of never needing anything that doesn’t flow directly from God?

When I was younger, I never fully rested my heart. I always wanted more of something or other. I was never content or satisfied with myself, or the world around me. I always had itchy feet. But even though I rationalized away the idea of true, lasting contentment in this life, a little piece of my heart wanted it. When I read verses like Psalm 63:11, I longed for it. Friends, to be satisfied by the Presence of the Lord is worth more than anything else you could ever want.

I’m not talking about Heaven or at least about the picture of heaven we have been taught in Sunday School. It’s easy to imagine being satisfied “up there” because, “everything will be perfect.” No, I’m talking about down here. I’m talking about experiencing the satisfied soul in the dirty streets, the angry crowds, the endless social media rants, you name it!

After I began to encounter the manifested Presence of God and hear His personal voice only a little more than three years ago, the truth began to rise in my life. I found my truest identity inside of God. I let go of my endless insecurities because I finally had someone I could fully trust. Since then, God has turned me inside out. From an introspective, overly-analytical, skeptical, double-minded, but hungry teenager, He has formed a hopeful, secure, and purposeful man. I’m still very young in this. I still make mistakes. I still start days in a bad way–bad days don’t exist in the Kingdom of God. I still fall into the trap of looking for things, people, or moments to satisfy my soul. But God won’t let me stay there. 

Just a few days ago, I got on my face and repented. Which means to turn away from something wrong or sinful and turn towards God. I repented because , simply by looking at the way I was spending my time, I realized that I wasn’t prioritizing the Lord. I realized that because I wasn’t being satisfied in Him, insecurity had begun to creep in. Selfishness followed, because selfishness promised that it could satisfy me. If they treated me like that, if I was able to, if I hadn’t given…then I would be safe, secure, and satisfied. Lies! Selfishness, or “looking out for number one”, never satisfies. It only leads you to bitterness and a hard-to-kick victim mentality.

Shortly after I turned my eyes back to Jesus, the rush of satisfaction returned. I distinctly thought to myself, my soul is satisfied. I have no need for anyone to do anything for me to love them. I have much, where can I give? I am full, how can I serve? 

I must stay here. I wish my life to say as David’s did:

I overflow with praise when I come before you,
for the anointing of your presence satisfies me like nothing else.
You are such a rich banquet of pleasure to my soul. -Psalm 63:5 TPT

You who are constantly looking for something or someone to fulfill your soul, will you turn to Jesus? You who have never rested inside of the riches of His love, will you ask him to fill you with himself? You who, like me, have forgotten the first love fire, won’t you reach out to Heaven and find true satisfaction that need never leave? 

For the satisfied soul is secure when all is shaking. It is full when it gives, it is grateful when it serves, it is a peace when worry’s cold fingers begin to close in around your heart. Because the satisfied soul knows this: the One in whom all strength, power, and love flows will never change and will never leave.

The only place of contentment and satisfaction lies within Him. 

Thank you for reading! My desire is to inspire you to live as a child of God in a world of orphans longing for true family. As you discover his goodness, you will find your purpose. You can read my most recent blog articles below. You can also follow me on social media using the icons below. Much love,

Tim Ornelas

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