I came to the well one day
To tired to walk through the city
I guess you could say
I was thirsty, I was dirty
I came to the well because
I wanted a taste of earthly eternity
To be filled to be loved
For what more could I be asking?
I came to the well
I stood on the edge
I couldn’t see in
Dark mystery swirled
Sweet fragrance twirled
I wanted to leap
But my feet wouldn’t leave
The corners of my mind
Bent with fear
For the water wasn’t clear
I walked around the well
Turmulous thoughts lectured my heart
There was a battle before I could start
It’s the stories of great things
That keep you from writing
And it’s history that spoils dreaming
Tonight I was the rope
Fear and love fought for
I hated being conquered
But as I inched closer
I swear I heard a whisper
I glanced over my shoulder
The cool breeze suddenly  shuddered
But no one crept behind the boulder
So I took another step over
Again I swore!
I smelled the sound of secrecy
I felt a heavy presence invite me into intimacy
I could no longer stand on the shore
So I jumped.
For seconds I felt nothing
My toes suddenly curled
Ice tickled my feet’s soles
Before engulfing my entire soul
I thought I must be dying
For there was no more use trying
To keep my eyes from crying
I struggled to grasp the edge
Or find some crack my foot could wedge
But alas there was nothing but bitter cold water frothing around my skin
What had I gotten in? I tryed to get out, to swim!
Surely there wasn’t enough oxygen in my lungs for me to live with!
What if I died? If I ceased to exist?
What if the King had lied? What I couldn’t exit?
When Finally I grew tired of fighting
Peace flashed across me like lightning
The cold wasn’t so biting and water felt refreshing
I rested my heads on my heart
Hoping the journey wasn’t far
My lungs began to burn
So I opened my mouth
The living water flooded in
Laughter echoed from my chest
And I realized I was dying
Suddenly I wanted more than anything
To die and die and die again
So as to never leave this place
For here outside of my control
I found the most powerful emotion
It was as if soothing lotion began an ocean
And reach in my heart to give me a double portion
Oh sweet water! There is none like it!
So sweet it would curl icings tongue
So joyful it would be feared by fun
So paradoxical it was simply magical!
Just when I thought I could go no deeper
The acceleration became steeper
I laughed and laughed and laughed some more
What for? I didn’t need to be bored by the details of reason
It was then I realized I must be dead
I couldn’t shake the happiness from my head
Instead, I made my body bend into a dive hoping to never end
My descent into freedom.
As I looked ahead I saw light!
I look at my feet covered in darkness
I must have been swimming in the starry night
The light grew
And then I saw you
I saw a you shimmering in the distance
Closer and closer and I saw you begin to dance
Power shook from your hand and peace poured out of your heart
Like a fountain of sand
Joy echoed in your throat
And it was on truth you took your stand
The fire in your eyes burned so bright
At first I didn’t notice you were crying
But when I did it was as if my heart became a furnace
One look at your face and I wanted to explode
The world must know, the world must know You love them so!
I shouted through my tears.
You shook your head but smiled with pain
My son my son, you now know my name
For the Well is my tears, I have filled it full for you
Beside my love there is no fear, there is no wrong next truth
You see, many sip my grace
They rightly think they have been saved
But they will never experience what I made
Unless they let go of what they know!
Go Go! I send you on ahead!
Invite them to well
Where there is enough
For all to feel loved
Go Go! Do not waste a second
For eternity we will be one
Now is the season
Of harvesting billions
Go Go! And lo, I will be with you
Even to the end of the end
Now behold you are sent
Do not look back and do not forget!
My eyelids snapped open
And I looked around for the ocean
I wanted to drown again but I noticed
There were faces all around
With tears streaming down
They screamed from thirsty lungs
With hollow breathy groans
It was then I understood
Now I was to be the well
For it was now I could weep
Be the love and tell
Every soul that there is love enough for you
Only let go of your fear and trust that he is near
His presence will hem you in
Only put your heart in his
Goodbye goodbye, my brothers and sisters
It is time for me to die
Come with me and you’ll find
If trust means surrendering your control
Surrendering control means drowning in loves pool
In dying you will live
And you will live well.